Drink all Nite
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Quikē Fun Dust is the smoothest most consistent energy formula ever developed! Quikē's patent pending, multi-stage nano caffeine dispersion technology is designed to give you the best energy experience possible, with the least amount of caffeine!  Why take 200 milligrams of caffeine and thousands of milligrams of other ingredients to get an energy boost, when our formula can create a smoother more powerful experience with only 75 milligrams of caffeine!

How is this possible?  How can this product do more with less?  It has to do with application.  Traditional energy products on the market dump boat loads of caffeine, sugar and other ingredients into you stomach at one time and hope you can metabolize them.  But the truth is your body can only absorb so much caffeine or vitamin B-12 at one time.  So what good does 8,000% of your daily recommended value do for you at one time?  Nothing really. 

Quike is the first product of its kind.  It is a "timed released energy powder". After years of research and  development  we created a system to maximize every milligram of caffeine in our formula.  Each particle of fun dust is encased in a gel coating of various thickness.  The thin coatings break down in the stomach sooner, the thicker coating break down later.  This simple concept allows your body to absorb and enjoy all of the product. 

Quike Fun Dust was designed from the ground up to enjoy while drinking.  From its size (fit a couple in your pocket or purse) to its taste (lime flavored) it is the perfect product for an extra boost while out partying.  When having beers who wants to choke down a sugar rich energy drink and then go back to drinking beer?  Now an alternative exists. 


Drink All Nite LLC markets a complete line of unique Products and Supplements.  Many of our products are the first of their kind.  Now modern science meets partying your ass off.  If you're looking for the ULTIMATE drinking EXPERIENCE, you've come to the right place!

Rarely there is an innovation.

Rarely there is something that is truly new and completely unique. Only very rarely does a product create a market of its own and weave its self into the fabric of daily life so completely, that it is unimaginable that we lived without it for so long. 

There was night life before Drinking Supplements and there is now.  The distinction is clear...